WWF Women's
WWF Women's championship
Queen Sherri
Date won: January 20, 1990
Promotion: WWE
Brand: Interbrand
Date created: January 20, 1990
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Other name(s): None
Most reigns: Queen Sherri, 1
First champion(s): Queen Sherri

The WWF Women's Championship is a professional wrestling championship in the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) promotion. Created in 1990, it is aimed by the female professional wrestlers under the Divas Division.


In the end of the January 20, 1990 edition of Saturday Night Nitro, the General Manager Vince McMahon stated that eight inaugural championship were going to be created, and between them, there was the WWF Women's Championship. All of the others championships had a tournament to decide its first title holder, except for the WWF Women's one, since Queen Sherri was the only diva available to get the title at that time.


Wrestler: Times: Date: Location: Notes: Days
Queen Sherri 1 January 20, 1990 New York City, New York Vince McMahon decided that since Queen Sherri was the only available diva, she was the one going to hold the itle. 14+