Monday Night Raw
Promotion WWE
Date January 22, 1990
Venue Manhattan Center
City New York City, New York
Previous episode January 22, 1990
Next episode February 5, 1990

The January 29, 1990 Edition of RAW is a Professional wrestling television show of the WWE's RAW brand, which was taped on January 29, 1990. This episode aired from the Grand Ballroom at the Manhattan Center Studios (a small New York Theater).


Before the dark matches would begin, Vince McMahon came walking to the ring and then announced the minor Raw brand championship: The Intercontinental one. After that, he remembered that the final match for the WWF Championship would be hosted in this show, but the Intercontinental's one not. After his speech, the first dark match started to happen. 

  • Dark Match: Koko B. Ware defeated Hillbilly Jim via pinfall.
  • Dark Match: Mr. Perfect defeated Ax (with Crush and Smash) via pinfall.
  • Dark Match: Warlord defeated Ronnie Garvin via pinfall.
  • Dark Match: Undertaker defeated Brutus Beefcake via submission.
  • Dark Match: Jake Roberts defeated Texas Tornado via pinfall.
  • Dark Match: Sgt. Slaughter defeated Earthquake via pinfall.
  • Dark Match: Ted DiBiase defeated Buddy Rose via pinfall.
  • Dark Match: Jimmy Snuka defeated Barbarian via submission.

Just as Snuka and Barbarian were leaving the ring, McMahon surged from the crowd and signalized the start of the televisioned matches, welcoming the viewers.

  • Mr. Perfect defeated Sgt. Slaughter via pinfall.

After the match, the stable Demolition entered the ring and attacked Mr. Perfect.

  • Undertaker defeated Jimmy Snuka via pinfall.
  • Ted DiBiase defeated Warlord via pinfall.
  • Jake Roberts defeated Koko B. Ware via pinfall.
  • Ted DiBiase defeated Mr. Perfect via count-out.

During the match, when Mr. Perfect was outside the ring, Ax came from underneath the ring and hit a chair on Mr. Perfect's face. With that, Mr. Perfect could not return to the ring before the ten seconds count.

  • Undertaker defeated Jake Roberts via pinfall.

With the two finalists for the Intercontinental Championship revealed, the attention was back to the main event of the show, the WWF Championship Match between Hulk Hogan and The Ultimate Warrior. 

  • Hardcore Title Match: Hulk Hogan defeated The Ultimate Warrior and became the first WWF Champion ever. 

After the match, Hogan and Warrior kept attacking each other until McMahon ended the show.