Saturday Night Nitro
Promotion WWE
Date January 27, 1990
Venue Manhattan Center
City New York City, New York
Previous episode January 20, 1990
Next episode February 2, 1990

January 27, 1990 Edition of Nitro is a Professional wrestling television show of the WWE's Nitro brand, which was taped on January 27, 1993. This episode aired from the Grand Ballroom at the Manhattan Center Studios (a small New York Theater).


Just like he did on the last episode of Raw before this show, Vince McMahon came to the ring and announced the Nitro major title: the WWF World Heavyweight Championship and stated the rules of the tournament: Sixteen superstars from the Raw brand would compete in a bracket-style tournament and the great winner would be the first WWF World Heavyweight Champion. The final of this tournament would occur just in the next show.

  • Cousin Luke (with Women's Champion Queen Sherri) defeated Boriz Khuzov via pinfall.
  • Dino Bravo defeated Cousin Butch via submission.
  • Dusty Rhodes defeated Tugboat via pinfall.
  • Randy Savage defeated Roddy Piper via pinfall.
  • Red Rooster defeated Brooklyn Brawler via pinfall.
  • Big Bossman defeated Rick Martel via pinfall.
  • Rick Rude defeated Bad News Brown via pinfall.
  • Tito Santana defeated Akeem via pinfall.

After the dark matches, the commentator informed that Vince McMahon had left the stadium but he taped a video telling that if the finalists attack each other before the title match, they would lose their contender spot.

  • Dino Bravo defeated Rick Rude via pinfall.
  • Randy Savage defeated Red Rooster via pinfall.
  • Dusty Rhodes defeated Big Bossman via pinfall.
  • Cousin Luke (with Queen Sherri and Cousin Butch) defeated Tito Santana via pinfall.
  • Randy Savage defeated Dusty Rhodes via pinfall.
  • Cousin Luke (with Queen Sherri and Cousin Butch) defeated Dino Bravo via pinfall.